5 Reasons Why Finding Your Purpose is the Key to a Happy Life

Human beings seem to be on a never-ending path to finding happiness, but what does that even mean? And how can we find something if we don’t know exactly what we are looking for? Well, we have good news. There is an easier way to find your happiness, but first you need to find your purpose.

That’s right, finding your purpose is the key to living a happy life and here’s why …

1- It gives you motivation
A purpose gives you motivation that will drive you through everyday life. There are going to be days that are tedious and hard, but if you have an end goal, there will always be something driving you to keep going. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning and every challenge you experience will be seen in relation to this. So while there may be times you are disheartened, you are more likely to keep on trying and this will keep you from becoming unhappy.

2- It makes life rewarding
If you have something to work towards, you will be inspired to make progress. This means that there will be plenty to celebrate on your journey. If you feel like you are achieving something, everything that you experience will be worth it. You won’t dwell on the negatives, instead focusing on the things that have gone right. This will help you to keep a positive mindset as you navigate life.

3- It stimulates passion
Passion is the thing that puts fire in our bellies. It’s what makes us care enough to face adversity and win. Without it, our lives would be very dull indeed. Having something that you care about is important to happiness. A passion can provide joy and result in your happiness.

4- It increases everyday engagement
While it is harder to get out of bed some mornings than others, a purpose will ensure that you do. It will also help you to become absorbed in your week. Have you ever experienced a time when you have been so consumed in a task you haven’t paid any attention to time and somehow hours have slipped by? This is true engagement and makes you a lot happier than staring at a clock, watching the second tick by.

5- It helps you to be fulfilled
True content is a key part of happiness and purpose allows us to experience this. If we achieve our purpose, we are more likely to feel fulfilled.

Photo by Anastasiia Tarasova

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